San Francisco

  • "Paul made all of us, including the co-founders, take a step back and describe our product/features from a human level. We were caught up living and breathing this stuff. Our language assumed that the world knew what we were talking about, when in fact, that wasn't the case. Working with Paul, we became confident with taking a different approach, to tell a story, about a technical need. As a bonus, our new employees were able to get up to speed faster than before about the benefits of our features. I would most definitely recommend Paul, he knows how to cut through the fluff and get back to the basics, the fundamentals that people can really connect with."

    Sunny Cha, Tenjin, YCombinator S14, San Francisco.


  • “After years of marketing your own brand it can happen that you don’t see the wood for the trees anymore. Paul is really good at pushing you to focus on the essence of your product. Once you are there he keeps you there, tirelessly asking—until you can tell the story of your product clearly, comprehensively, and at the right pace. Working with Paul is both tough and fun. It requires your full attention, and it is worth your full attention.”

    Oliver Reichenstein, Founder, Information Architects & iA Writer, Zurich.


  • "Before Paul I don’t think we, as a group, were aware how complicated it is for clients to buy 'big data' products such as ours and find them valuable. In most cases it is a non-technical operational manager who benefits, day to day, from such a product. It is a non-technical manager with purchasing power who is deciding about the purchase of such a product or its alternative. Paul helped us craft aspirational messaging that caters to all these groups. And on a personal level, working with Paul gave me a deeper insight into my own role. I’ve already recommended Paul. I think all 'big data' companies with new products have this type of problem and need to do this type of work to grow beyond their initial niche."

    Matthaus Krzykowski, Salisbury Ventures, Berlin.