Non-judgemental marketing help for startups under pressure.

Website not giving you the results you expected? How about some non-judgemental feedback from a fresh set of eyes? Apply for an online marketing tune-up with Paul Montreal

Non-judgemental marketing help for startups under pressure.

by Paul Montreal. Average Reading Time: about 7 minutes.

If your onsite marketing needs a fresh set of eyes, I offer a private, non-judgemental tune-up service. Plus, to keep you motivated and inspired some meaningful stories from the lives of people I admire. And some free marketing makeovers to point you in the right direction.

Skeptical Spock.

“Love what you guys are doing… it feels different, much more personal and substantive than other things I’m reading online.” Laura Roeder.

Private, paid tune-ups.

Honest but non-judgemental feedback is a rare commodity. If you want an unbiased report on the marketing effectiveness of your website. With feedback that will give you peace of mind, save you years of trial and error, and point you in the right direction. And you want to keep that feedback private, then I offer a limited number of paid tune-ups each month.

You can apply for a private website marketing tune-up here.

Who is Paul Montreal?


I’ve been a marketing guy for 20 years. For me, marketing is all about building a bridge between what you’re passionate about and what somebody else really values.

It’s also about crazy mind control, manipulation and propaganda. That can be fun as well.

I love the challenge of helping smart, skilled Entrepreneurs and ambitious small companies turnaround their websites and get through challenging periods with their sanity and enthusiasm intact.

But mostly I do this because I’m too much of a control freak to work in a regular company.

If I’m going to sit in front of a computer for 12 hours a day, like some kind of factory farmed animal, I’m going to do it on my own terms damn it.

Paul age 11

Paul age 11

Here’s a picture of me as a child, so you think I’m cute. Ignore the fact that I look like the kid from The Omen. It’s because I’m busy making plans for world domination. People can sense this, even at a young age, so they keep getting in my face with cameras and questions and shit.

In my interview with Seth Godin, I talked about how I had copies of Guerilla Marketing and Lord of the Rings in my desk drawer. And how that was very much a defining period for me. From the space shuttle wallpaper, the computers and even the bullseye on the dartboard.

I said these things partly because I was trying far too hard with the interview, but also because I think they give some context as to where I come from.

A mix of influences and desires that shaped who I am today. Seth didn’t buy any of that nonsense. But that’s ok. I did. I bought into the amazing fucking shit that human beings can do when properly motivated. Space ships and robots! Hobbits becoming heroes.

Yes, technically most of the cool shit we create is for the purposes of mass destruction, but, as Gordon Gekko said “we’re all mixed bags”. So while we wait for world war 3, why not be optimistic and have some fun?

For me, the big puzzle is the human personality. The how, the why? Marketing is just a practical application of the constant search for those answers.

I know you think marketing is about “how to get to the top of Google”. But it’s really about people. Or more specifically, the human personality, its desires and its fears.

You can find me on Twitter here.

What’s my approach?

What I really want to offer the people I work with, is a helping relationship that benefits us both. A relationship based on reality not delusion. A relationship based on being honest and open, but non-judgemental.

I see myself as a student of people, personalities and marketing. And I will be for the rest of my life.

From that perspective, I can’t proclaim that my work is “the truth”. But sometimes, that’s what a “client” is looking for from experts and consultants – “give me the one true answer”.

What that often means is – “give me certainty, because I feel uncertain”.

Well, I can respect that uncertainty. People are complex. Marketing is a real challenge. Startups are full of pressure.

But I can’t offer the unfounded certainty that you may want. Because there really is no “one true answer” when it comes to a puzzle as complex and fluid as human persuasion and motivation.

What I can offer is a fresh set of eyes. I can offer perspective. I can offer thousands of hours of experience with similar puzzles. I can offer suggestions, which may lead to inspiration and hopefully testing of new ideas and approaches.

Don’t get me wrong. There are fundamentals to marketing. I’ve been working on my own process for decades. But the art of marketing is when fundamental laws are applied to real human beings. Human beings who are part of the fluid and ever changing marketplace. Applied by you, the real human beings who are doing the making and the promoting.

What I’ve come to understand is most important in any marketing plan, is its deep acceptance by the people who will be putting their names behind it. You guys.

Because you have to promote it. You have to sleep at night. And you want to bounce out of bed the next morning to promote it some more.

The energy level and commitment with which you can do that is more important than just about anything else.

Our motivation is based on the alignment of our actions with our identity. You just can’t go to work and give it your all, if what you’re promoting is incongruent with who you really are.

And because of that, no consultant will ever have all the answers. No consultant can ever claim to have the “one true solution” to all your challenges. And you should never allow yourself to be the victim of such arrogance.

There’s a strange effect I’ve seen a hundred times over. Where founders and startups do a better job of communicating their value on Facebook, than they do on their “official marketing websites”. Surrounded by people we know, we are more at ease, more self accepting. Less stifled.

We find it easier to be open and honest about how we want to help our customers. And we do it with a human face.

I’ve seen this enough to believe that most people, especially the smart ambitious ones I tend to work with, are more than capable of solving the marketing puzzles they face. They just need a little guidance here and there. A non-judgemental helper, a set of solid fundamentals and maybe a fresh set of eyes.

So, in any helping relationship I enter, it’s with a great respect for you and the very real challenges and pressures you’re under.

By far the best way for us to work together is to start with a private tune-up. Where I can become acquainted with you and your product or service and I can dive right into helping you change the world!

Other cool stuff.

Need to get unstuck? I’ve got interviews that go a little deeper than usual. I hunt for meaningful stories from the lives of people I admire. Stories to motivate and inspire you. To help you to get unstuck and take action when it really counts.

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“A well thought out critique of what you’re doing is as valuable as gold.” Elon Musk.

I’ve shunned dry theory and abstract strategies in favour of real-life case studies. Follow along as I show you exactly how to tune-up your website.

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What do other people think?

Craig Watkins“Out of the first four people I approached using your methods, I am now doing work for three of them!” Craig Watkins. USA.

Meghan“I probably saved myself 5 years costly trial and error” Meghan Geliza. Auckland New Zealand.

Sarah“Paul introduced me to whole new aspects of building & maintaining a successful business. Aspects that hardly anyone ever mentions…You’re in the hands of people that honestly & truthfully love what they do.” Sarah Palisi. Hamburg Germany.

Monique“That hands-on push is invaluable. It’s nice to have positive feedback from friends and associates. It’s rare to have the chance to get the honest, critical, thoughtful and informed variety.” Monique Larson, USA.

JJ.“You helped me to realize what is most important to me – what I REALLY want – and focus my energies like a lazer beam.” JJ Harrison. USA.

Christine“Paul helps those of us who are ambitious but may not be as naturally business minded to become aware of the many ways we can take our careers into our own hands.” Christine Buijs, Canada.