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by Paul Montreal. Average Reading Time: about 6 minutes.

If your onsite marketing needs a fresh set of eyes, I offer a private, non-judgemental tune-up service. Plus, to keep you motivated and inspired, some meaningful stories from the lives of people I admire. And some free marketing makeovers to point you in the right direction.


“Love what you guys are doing… it feels different, much more personal and substantive than other things I’m reading online.” Laura Roeder.

Who is Paul Montreal?


I’ve been a marketing guy for 20 years. For me, marketing is all about building a bridge between what you’re passionate about and what somebody else really values.

Out of school I studied Electrical Engineering (big screwdrivers) moved sideways into electronics and telecommunications (small screwdrivers) then started an agency leasing premium rate telephone lines. (no screwdrivers, but lots of weird people).

My small town in the North of England hadn’t done anything interesting since the days of cotton mills. But it was home to a company who manufactured CD’s and who became one of the first Internet Service Providers in the country.

I went to visit the 2 guys who ran the ISP. “We can sell stuff on this” I said, totally unable to contain my excitement “We can sell stuff all around the frickin world!”.

“No, it doesn’t work” they said. “We’ve already tried it”.

“Show me” I said. And they did. It took 10 whole minutes to download the giant image of a Swiss army knife they’d uploaded to an obscure newsgroup. Underneath the image was an extortionate price tag and an email address.

“It’s been up for a month and we haven’t sold a single Swiss army knife.” They said.
“Really?” I said. “I think I can help you with that.” And the adventure began.

Helping small businesses turned into helping larger businesses. I spent many years working with import/export companies. Repositioning brands from Asia and the States for European markets and tying together websites, online campaigns and TV advertising.

Then I spent 6 years building an online magazine and training program for ambitious creatives. (My girlfriend at the time was an artist). Interviewing our heroes from the worlds of business, music, art and sports. And teaching people how to make a living from their creativity.

That was a lot of fun. But the clients who seemed to get the most out of my work weren’t really artists. They were Entrepreneurs who just happened to be working in a creative field. So over time my clients became more Entrepreneurial and gradually more technical.

Today, my focus is purely high tech startups. Mostly Silicon Valley and often via incubators. I love working with super smart, super skilled founders. People who have already launched great products and are ready to move to the next stage. Really getting to know their customers on a deeper level. Understanding what motivates them to buy and to keep buying.

Space shuttles, Computers and Robots

Paul age 11

Paul age 11. (Not the kid from The Omen)

I did an interview with Seth Godin, and I talked about the copies of Guerilla Marketing and Lord of the Rings in that desk drawer. How that was very much a defining period for me. A time of possibility, space shuttles, computers and robots.

Seth didn’t buy into any of that nonsense. But that’s ok. I did. I bought into the amazing things that human beings can do when properly motivated. We can work together, trading our skills to solve bigger problems than we might alone. We can put people into space. We can write epic stories that inspire us to face our fears and live a bigger life.

10,000 lightbulbs? That was just a pre match warm-up

I’m a big fan of heroes. Don’t buy into all this “just be yourself” nonsense. We’re all an amalgamation of people we admire. And when we accept that, we can identify the values and beliefs that we admire in our heroes and double down on those values in our own lives.

Two of my heroes are Thomas Alva Edison and Prescott Lecky. Two Scientists. One, known to the masses. The other, few people have heard of.

While Edison understood the commercial world, Prescott Lecky’s realm was more academic. He was a lecturer of Psychology at Columbia University in the 1920-30’s and he helped a young John F. Kennedy. His life’s work was dedicated to creating a more accurate map (than Freud had created) of the human mind. I rate his book Self Consistency: A Theory of Personality, one of the best books on human nature I’ve ever read. (And I’ve read a lot of them.)

What I admire about them both is their dedication to the scientific principle. The patience it requires. Focusing on the process. Rewarding yourself for the experimentation. Not becoming attached to the outcome. Not turning a failed experiment into a personal failure. Because that’s what gets most Entrepreneurs.

What’s my approach? Honest and open, but non-judgemental

What I really want to offer the people I work with, is a helping relationship that benefits us both. A relationship based on being honest and open, but non-judgemental.

Our motivation comes from the alignment of our actions with our identity. What you’re promoting day-to-day, whether it’s through a website or a sales presentation, has to be congruent with who you really are. And because of that, no outsider will ever have all the answers. But I can offer a fresh set of eyes. A new perspective. With thousands of hours of experience solving similar puzzles.

I like to go deep and solve the big problems. That usually means long term relationships. So in any relationship I enter, it’s with a great respect for you and your uniqueness, And I understand the very real pressures you’re under as a startup. My role is never to try and change who you are. It’s to help build that bridge between who you are and who your customers are.

You can find me on Twitter here.

Or you can email me direct paul at paulmontreal dot com.

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What do other people think?

Craig Watkins“Out of the first four people I approached using your methods, I am now doing work for three of them!” Craig Watkins. USA.

Meghan“I probably saved myself 5 years costly trial and error” Meghan Geliza. Auckland New Zealand.

Sarah“Paul introduced me to whole new aspects of building & maintaining a successful business. Aspects that hardly anyone ever mentions…You’re in the hands of people that honestly & truthfully love what they do.” Sarah Palisi. Hamburg Germany.

Monique“That hands-on push is invaluable. It’s nice to have positive feedback from friends and associates. It’s rare to have the chance to get the honest, critical, thoughtful and informed variety.” Monique Larson, USA.