Website not giving you the results you expected? How about some non-judgemental feedback from a fresh set of eyes? Apply for an online marketing tune-up with Paul Montreal

Website not giving you the results you expected?

by Paul Montreal. Average Reading Time: about 16 minutes.

Need a fresh set of eyes to look over your website marketing?

How about some non-judgemental feedback from a fresh set of eyes?

You’ve launched. Maybe you’ve got some funding. People are showing an interest, but you’re not getting the results you expected.

I get it. Startup life is crazy. You have a ton of pressure on your shoulders and that’s like kryptonite to your marketing super powers.

If we went out for drinks and I said “tell me what’s cool about your product” I guarantee you’d nail it.

But something weird happens when we try and do that on a website.

It’s like we’re talking to the hottest girl or guy we’ve ever seen. We can’t hold eye contact. We stutter something that sounds really clever in our head, but stifled when it comes out of our mouth.

Now you wouldn’t catch The Fonz doing that would you?

Because The Fonz is cool.

The Fonz knows who he is. He knows where his value lies. Especially when he’s under pressure. And when you’re a startup there’s always pressure.

The odds are against us. The default outcome of a startup is failure. Even in the rarified atmosphere of Silicon Valley.

To prevent the inevitable, we’re going to have to do what others are afraid of. We’re going to have to look at things from a different angle.

Let me help take some of that pressure off your shoulders.

I’m not coming in to crap all over your work, just to boost my own ego. I’m a fresh set of professional marketing eyes. And I’m on your side. I like to think of it as a helping relationship.

No one can possibly know your business and your customers as well as you. But ironically, because I’m not under the same pressure that you are right now, and because I’ve done this more times than I’ve had hot dinners, I can help you see things from a different perspective.

It’s not about us, it’s about them.

I can help you deeply connect with your customers, and get them fired up to buy your stuff.

And I’m not talking about persuasion, propaganda or sales tricks. Selling only ever comes down to one simple reality – do you understand what already motivates your customers? And are you tapping into that existing motivation to sell your product or service?

Here’s how it works.

I’ll thoroughly look over your website. Then, I’ll write a detailed report, showing you exactly where you can make the fastest changes, to have the biggest impact on your profits.

I’ll explain things as simply as possible. I’m allergic to jargon.

My focus is getting your customers to buy. I’ll dig deep into what people are thinking while they’re using your site. It’s not about looking pretty. It’s about tapping into their existing motivation, so it’s in their interests to hit the “Buy Now” button and put money in your pocket.

I’ll help you avoid the common mistakes that could be preventing more sales. Your pitch, your positioning, the level of trust your site is building. How well you’re communicating, especially around the problems your product can solve for your customers. It’s all in the details. But I’ll tell you exactly how to turn things around with clear action steps.

No generic theory, just tailored, to-the-point advice.

I’ve hear this over and over from clients: “I’ve read all the books and thousands of blog posts, but I didn’t really get it, until you pointed it out on my website.”

Everything I tell you will be specific to your website. There’s no generic advice here. You don’t have to work out how anything applies to you and your unique situation. You’ll get the solution to your unique marketing challenges.

I’m impartial, you can’t buy anything else from me.

I’m not your Mom. I didn’t buy your product. I don’t recommend people. I don’t take any commissions. You can’t hire me for anything but impartial marketing advice.

What all that means is – I don’t have any conflicting interests. So you can trust my feedback to be unbiased as far as that’s humanly possible.

Who’s this service for?

  • Entrepreneurs and startups.
  • You’re in the first few years of your venture.
  • You’re smart and motivated.
  • You’ve already got a website for me to look at.
  • You threw together a pitch to get started, now you need to refine things.
  • You’re a founder who wants an unbiased perspective on what your team has created.
  • Or you’re a marketing hire who wants to become one of those ninja-rockstar-rainmakers.

The only real secret to it all.

At the end of the day, your website is just a place to present your sales pitch. And your sales pitch is just a way to tell the market about the cool stuff you’ve made and how it might be valuable to them.

Outside of the reality-distorting-pressure of being a startup, this stuff is just a process. A process of building a bridge. A bridge between what you’re really passionate about, and what your customer really values.

And it really doesn’t have to be stressful. Marketing is just a puzzle like any other aspect of the business and it can be a lot of fun. One of the coolest things to master as an Entrepreneur.

Apply for your free, public website marketing tune-up.

For if you want to know exactly what’s holding your website sales back. And you want a clear plan of action. And you don’t have a budget, you’re not in a rush, and you don’t mind us sharing your tune-up with the marketing community.

They are limited to the most important issues I see. And there’s a waiting list.

APPLY HERE for a free tune-up.

Zero risk.

Paul MontrealThe vast majority of my work comes from personal recommendations. So, there’s no need to feel like working with me is any kind of gamble.

Any questions? Anything I missed that’s stopping you going ahead?

Let’s be honest here, this is a sales letter. I haven’t heard about your specific problem, your specific worries and your specific goals. And I’d like to. Maybe you have a problem I can help solve, or maybe I can’t. But if your problem sounds a little different to what I’ve outlined above, and if you’d like to share your marketing challenge with me, then I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me an email…

Email Paul direct, I’ll be happy to see if I can help, or answer any questions you might have.

What do other people think?

“It made us realize that even though we’re a technical product, we should be bringing out the inspirational and human element of our offering.”

Natasha Baker SnapEDA“Thanks to the tune-up, we’ll be making homepage changes to humanize the product, and pulling out interesting projects made with SnapEDA to inspire other hardware designers, and to highlight the innovation we’re enabling.

The tune-up gave our team a framework to work from as we re-design our landing page.

Already we’ve mocked up new sections based on the action items provided that we’ll soon be A/B testing on the website.” Natasha Baker. SnapEDA (YC W16)

“It’s hard for startups to get high quality, actionable advice in this area. This advice is among the most useful we’ve had.”

Ben Todd 80,000 hours
“It was concrete, there were immediate action points, and I only had to put in 10 minutes of effort setting it up.

We have several concrete changes to make to the front page, which seem like they could make a significant difference.” Benjamin Todd. 80,000 hours (YC S15)

“Others charge an arm and a leg for this service.”

Sunny Cha“Very useful. We are planning on re-doing the website with the feedback provided…Highly recommended.”
Sunny Cha. Head of Marketing (YC S14)


“It is important that communication is fully aligned with what you believe in, so we are happy that the makeover has allowed us to recapture our original rationale.”

Erwan Le Corre“Of course I would recommend it, no matter how small or big you are, because everyone needs on point, relevant feedback that improves your communication coherence, consistency and efficacy. What we liked about Paul’s feedback is that it really felt as if it came from a new or regular visitor to the website, not from a communication expert. What do they need to find, and feel? It is about better aligning what you are offering to what they’re seeking, without compromising with what you are or do.” Erwan Le Corre. Movnat.

“I finally feel aligned and have been attracting my “right” people who need what I am offering.”

Christian Marie“I have made lots of changes both to my site and the way I market. For me, it’s been more about alignment. I finally feel aligned and have been attracting my “right” people who need what I am offering… I would recommend to anyone who is not getting the results that they want with their website or marketing efforts. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting objective feedback.” Christian Marie Herron.

“Your analysis of our site prompted a reaction from the boss beyond what I hoped for.”

“I had a little trepidation but this was based on my fear of taking criticism personally. My fear though was outweighed by my desperation for change. I believed that my suggestions for change were not carrying the weight of opinions from an objective third-party. Your helpful analysis of our website provided that outside opinion which, sadly to say, carries more weight than inside opinions.

Marketing death comes from believing that everyone thinks and sees the way that you do. As expected and hoped for, your experienced and fresh eyes affirmed changes I thought needed to happen, but additionally made me aware of problem areas of which I was not aware.

Your analysis of our site prompted a reaction from the boss beyond what I hoped for.

I would and will definitely recommend your service to small to mid-sized businesses that are struggling with or unhappy about their online marketing success. Your marketing acumen combined with your objective opinion provide a foundational opportunity for real change.” Kevin Ball Innovator, LLC.

“I went from 1 in 10 viewers becoming a backer to 1 in 4.”

“A lot of it has to do with the personal touch. I had read about most of the suggestions in marketing literature and felt like I had followed most of it. Having a review directed right at my campaign makes a difference.

I was able to measure results by comparing the campaign views with the actual backers of the crowd fund campaign after each revision. I went from one in ten viewers becoming a backer to one in four. I can’t stress enough how it has changed my thinking. I thought I was able to accomplish the same thing by reading articles, but I was wrong. We all have a natural favor of our own ideas and another set of UNBIASED eyes is necessary.” John Pollock, Kickstarter Campaign for Innovation Play.

“We don’t know what we don’t know – until someone points it out.”

“It inspired me to go back to basics, to start focusing more on providing high value content, rather than listening to various SEO Google ranking techniques hawked about by blogs and internet courses. I completely rebuilt my websites from scratch… Result – 4,500 new students on 2 courses, making these courses the most popular paid piano courses on their platform, and #2 and #4 in music overall.

I have changed how I think about marketing – In light of your tune-up… It is always valuable to get and gain fresh perspectives… I highly recommend to others Paul – we all need to get out of comfort zones, the old adage, you need to do something different in order to achieve different results, and likewise, we don’t know what we don’t know – until someone points it out.” David Brogan Piano Teacher.

“I think it’s a case of me not being able to see the wood for the trees as I’ve always been just too close to it!”

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for your comments on our website… I didn’t really expect you to spend such an amount of time on it and to go into the depth that you did. I really value your comments and critique, everything you said made so much sense and I think it’s a case of me not being able to see the wood for the trees as I’ve always been just too close to it!

Absolutely worth it – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others who are serious about getting an unbiased and “shoot from the hip” opinion about why their website isn’t working as it should and what they should do about it.” Katherine Duff HR Consultant.

“I received candid and honest feedback about the effectiveness of my site design and messaging.”

“I had spent a lot of time, and a reasonable amount of money, designing and putting together my Web site. I had gotten some input from friends who all were very impressed. But something about it just left me uninspired after I’d finished it. I knew it needed some change, but was just stuck at being uninspired.

What you pointed out was that I was clearly misrepresenting myself and my message. You saw something completely different from what I was trying to present… The truth, while uncomfortable is infinitely more valuable than well-meaning, but misleading encouragement. I prefer to find out early that what I’m trying to do won’t get me the results I want, rather than throw time and money away on a doomed effort… It’s brilliant!” Scott Wierschem Speaker and Coach.

“I am also making more contacts since the tune-up.”

Jane “I am able to actually talk more confidently about the business as it makes so much more sense now, I just couldn’t see it for myself! I am also making more contacts since the tune-up.

It was extremely useful. It was to the point and very relevant to the business and how I was portraying myself.” Jane Papa, Remote Working consultant.

“You did a great job of breaking it down for us so we can spend our limited time and energy where it matters most.”

Debs“It was great to get fresh eyes on what we’ve been working so intensely on. It’s difficult to get the honest viewpoint of someone who doesn’t know us. It’s invaluable to get honest feedback from someone who isn’t trying to protect our feelings. And as you know what you’re talking about, it makes it even more important and useful.

We think it helped us develop the ways we think about our marketing. We’re very keen to improve and do the best job we can, with everything we do, so we read a lot, but it’s difficult to know what is most important. We think you did a great job of breaking it down for us so we can spend our limited time and energy where it matters most. We will definitely be recommending you to others!

Your feedback was honest, open, intelligent and good natured. You made it easy to take the feedback as constructive criticism, rather than knocking us down. It really felt like you were building on our work and supporting us to make the most of this thing we’re trying to achieve. Thank you for that too.” Debs. Super Mega Action Plus.

“With Paul’s suggestions, I was able to incorporate changes that helped us reach 235% of our original funding goal!”


“It helped me to tighten up my Kickstarter page and understand it from a more international point of view. Paul encouraged me to think bigger and beyond our local Canadian audience. He also encouraged me in terms of being willing to try different things and make changes as we go.

Paul’s advice is candid but constructive and he helps you to see the holes where you might not.

I was glad to finally have an opportunity to put many of the online marketing things we’ve talked about before into practical use – your feedback was thorough and prompt and the support afterwards was much appreciated.” Christine Buijs Film maker.

“Every business person/company can use an unbiased perspective…”

“It helped me to see how I need to focus my website content on the customer from a more personal point instead of a business approach.

I will be making changes for at least 75% of the suggestions. I believe I will be able to retain potential clients interest on my page longer than just with business content/jargon.

Every business person/company can use an unbiased perspective. I believe I am not as knowledgeable as a person who specializes in web development and so I listen to those who are.” Keith Mousch Management Consultant.

“I like getting feedback from someone without a vested interest in the end product.”


“I truly appreciate the time and effort. An outsider perspective is invaluable in spotting mistakes and improvement. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Will send you new website when it is done so you can see how much I incorporated. Many thanks.” Ralph Moorhouse Vacation Rental Owner.

“I think anyone putting themselves out there can value from objective feedback.”


“I truly appreciate the investment of Paul’s time! He definitely knows his marketing! I was able to refocus on what I was actually delivering (or promoting) to my audience and pay attention to how it was coming across.

I think anyone putting themselves out there can value from objective feedback. You can be a subject matter expert in your trade; however, your presentation is equally as important and you don’t want to get passed over or lost in translation when communicating what you do and your value to your audience.

The approach and organization of the feedback was very well laid out and specific so I wouldn’t change anything. Again, thank you so much for the time and feedback.”
Krista Paige Process Consultant.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to have someone analyze and slice and dice user experience on your site, especially someone with Paul’s background and experience.”


“Paul identified the biggest weakness in the site flow that a user will encounter when landing on my website, well and above the issues that were known to me. He provided me with specific recommendations on design, optimizations and improvements I can make to retain interest of the visitor and highlighted particular complexities of the site that cause site users to get frustrated and likely to leave quickly.

I was aware of many shortcomings of the site design as it became outdated, but the bulk of issues Paul raised pertained to user experience that I have not necessarily considered at all. Thus I feel it was a very valuable feedback to take with me into site redesign, as it added another significant faucet the prism through which I will view new site’s usability and functional design.

It has certainly changed the way I am thinking of marketing and presenting the site to the target audience. It’s an incredible opportunity to have someone analyze and slice and dice user experience on your site, especially someone with Paul’s background and experience. It’s like stepping into your client/user’s head and asking difficult questions and getting insight that you’d otherwise have to spend significant amounts for a usability study in order to gain similar insights.” Julia Kasparova Vacation Property Manager.