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It’s Not About How Much You Kick Ass. It’s About How Much You Can Help Your Customers Kick Ass. A Website Marketing Makeover.

by Paul Montreal. Average Reading Time: about 6 minutes.


I’m doing a marketing makeover on Bungobox. They rent kick ass moving boxes. Their biggest challenge is educating their clients and being consistent with their search engine rankings. This is a professional looking website, so it’s going to be great to dig in and see if I can fine tune things. (I’m listening to the John Wick movie soundtrack while I work). So hold onto your valuables, here are my top 6 tips for turning this website around…

Bungobox website marketing makeover

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1. Declutter and prioritise more effectively. Put in the hard design work, so your customers don’t have to.

As I land on the homepage it feels a little cluttered. There are a lot of what I’d call second and third level things fighting for my attention.

The logo and tagline are competing for attention with the main navigation bar which has 7 options. They are all competing with the “Order Online” logo, which is competing with 6 social media icons, which will all take me away from the site. There are 3 login links, including a blue Facebook button which has high contrast against the rest of the page. (Is a Facebook login really more important than a BUY button?) All that stuff is competing with the main headline which tells me what you do. And there are 2 more boxes underneath competing for attention as well.

A lot of the problem is caused by the color scheme. Black on yellow, with stripes, is high contrast. We’re tuned to pay sharp attention to this color scheme. WASPS anyone? That’s great for drawing attention to ONE key point. When you use such high contrast to draw attention to everything, it’s like facing a whole swarm of wasps!

They say a camel is a horse, designed by committee. And often, that’s how home pages end up. Everyone in the company wants every link on the home page and above the fold. But the customer does not. They don’t have the time or attention to do your prioritising for you. It’s up to you to do the hard work, so they don’t have to.

Action: Make a list of every action, information point and link on the homepage. Now prioritise them in terms of what your customers really need to see, depending on how motivated they are. The further along in your relationship, the more motivated they are likely to be. If they’ve just found you, they are likely less motivated. Now, reposition and highlight each link appropriately. Use color more wisely. Have high contrast for the most important links. Have less contrast for all those secondary links like the main navigation. Even less for tertiary links like social media and logins. There should be no more than 2 or 3 things that really stand out on the page and they should be the critically important ones.


2. Your tagline is a workhorse, make that sucker work hard.

Let’s look at the name and tagline…

Bungobox. Move. Unpack. Now Give ’Em Back.

I like the name. I’m a big fan of alliteration.

But we can get more out of the tagline.

A good tagline is like a syrup, a balsamic reduction, a rich jus. It’s the concentrated essence of your much wider sales pitch.

What you’ve given us is the concentrated essence of how your process works. Your process is secondary. At this point the user does not care about your process.

What a customer wants to see is the concentrated essence of why they should use your service . Until they know what’s in it for them, they don’t want to know any more.

You are highlighting as the most important feature / benefit of your entire business, that after you move, you have to give Bungoboxes back. Is this a benefit or an extra hassle for your customers?

Action: Make sure your tagline is the concentrated essence of the biggest benefit to your customers.


3. It’s not about how you kick ass, it’s about how you enable your customers to kick ass.

Let’s move onto your main highlight box where you describe what you do…

We Rent Kick Ass Moving Boxes.
Our customers save an average of 50% over cardboard.
Learn More.

Then directly underneath, we’ve got more on how the operations work…

How Does It Work? 1) You Order. Super quick and simple. 2) We Deliver. The supplies come to you. 3) You Move. Sorry! Can’t help you there. 4) We Pick Up. Unpack and relax.

So, I like that you’re using a graphic to show and tell at least one of the advantages of your box over a standard cardboard box.

But you’re only showing me ONE visual representation of the benefits. Then you’re asking me to click to Learn More. We’ll come back to that.

I like that you’re describing in very clear terms what it is you do. “We Rent Kick Ass Moving Boxes”. It’s surprising how few businesses clearly communicate what business they are actually in.

But with that statement, you’re only giving me HALF of the story. YOUR half. And no one really cares about your story, yet. They care about their own story.

It’s not about your boxes kicking ass. The question is, how do your boxes help your customers kick ass?

Your opening needs an ending.

We Rent Kick Ass Moving Boxes So You Can….. blah blah blah.

Blah Blah Blah being the technical term for how you actually help movers kick ass.

And it isn’t by saving money. There is a percentage of the population who believes saving money is a kick ass skill. They aren’t your customers. They are using cardboard boxes they scrounged from local stores.

In my experience, saving money is rarely the main reason people buy things. It’s usually secondary to something else. If “we’re a little cheaper” is your unique selling point, you’re skating on thin ice.

It’s up to you to really find out what the “other” number 1 reason is that people rent your boxes. I don’t know your business, but at a guess, it’s the fear of breaking their precious stuff.

So, if that were true, you want to complete that one sentence that tells us what you do and why we should care…

We Rent Kick Ass Moving Boxes So You Can Safely Move The Things That Are Precious To You.

Now, there are a dozen different ways to say that. There are different levels of fear that will connect with people. If it’s fear that’s driving them to find a safer packing box, then don’t be afraid to acknowledge that fear. You should brainstorm many endings to that sentence and test which ones prompt your customers to act.

*I have to give a shout out to Kathy Sierra, the Queen of helping customers kick ass.

Action: That key description of how you help the user is critical. You are only important in the context of how you can help them. Really do your research into what drives people to search and buy a better solution than cardboard boxes. Consider the emotional fear involved with damaging or losing precious belongings. Items which are often the physical containers for memories and relationships. Things that hold deep meaning and value. Go further into those emotions and those fears – that’s WHY people will be motivated to buy.


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