Website not giving you the results you expected? How about some non-judgemental feedback from a fresh set of eyes? Apply for an online marketing tune-up with Paul Montreal

How Do You Solve Global Problems? One Person At A Time. A Website Marketing Tune-up.

by Paul Montreal. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

This week I’m looking at Joanna’s website She’s got a whole bunch of projects going on. So there are lessons here that apply to anyone. Especially if you’re trying to develop a personal brand, or sell your personal services.

Website not giving you the results you expected? How about some non-judgemental feedback from a fresh set of eyes? Apply for an online marketing tune-up with Paul Montreal

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  1. suzanna says:

    Hiya Paul,
    Great breakdown of how to pitch a website at your customers. Have definitely taken notes from this video.
    I’m trying to decide whether to do a separate website for my new children’s picture books or add them to my existing site which is more geared to YA readers. And after watching this I’m even more indecisive. Arrgh! What do you think? Will it alienate both sets of readers if I put them on the same site? Be too many hats?
    PS I’m sticking with your video’s even though I’m a words person so you must be getting something right :-)

    • Paul Montreal says:

      Suzanna, if the resources are available, I’d do different sites for different markets yes.

      The last thing young adults want, is to be associated with children’s books.

      re: video. thanks for sticking with it, while I learn a new skill. :)

  2. Joanna Free says:

    Paul – this is excellent – thank you!

    And bravo for stepping out with the use of video for your Turnaround Tuesdays.

    This is so valuable. Your points are wise, well-taken and gratefully accepted.

    Yes, “professional friend” fits, to a great degree. I want to share a bit of history and process here, how I got to this website/ step in the process, in case any other readers/viewers might find themselves in ANY way similar circumstances.

    I did therapy for twenty-two years. Adults, couples, teens… schools, colleges, healthcare, drug rehab, corrections and military settings… and in the US and Canada. Many hats over those years. In that role, I was also often an avocational consultant.

    When I stopped doing therapy completely at the end of 2008 (too much to get into here) the flow of people coming to me for interpersonal, existential and evolutionary needs did not stop. I found myself giving gobs of time – consulting, listening, advising – and not charging for any of it. One week I tallied nearly 30 hours of time I gave to these varied requests and concerns. I was surprised to see this. It had taken on a life of its own, in my lack of attention to and valuing of where my time was going.

    And, time IS our life.
    It took time to truly see this!

    I was also in a healing, evolving process of my own. I was entering menopause. People I love died, some unexpectedly. I was changing in ways I couldn’t always manage well or articulate. I sought wisdom in many places. For awhile, I felt broken, damaged somehow. Eventually I saw that I wasn’t, though there was still grieving and healing happening.

    Meanwhile, I was also engaged in writing and doing activism work that did not yet pay. Wrote a book, and then another. Did outreach, activism and street-work as Nicci Tina. Other creative projects, too, some of which are reflected in that image of smiles on the Home page. I depleted savings as I went. Did a couple of small crowd-fundings to help support all of it.
    And, I often found myself with less time and focus than I needed to effectively do things that could generate income.

    So, since I LOVE supporting the evolution of individuals, couples, groups and organizations, AND I’m good at it AND I kept getting asked/called to do so, it finally occurred to me: I’ll create a way to get paid for all of it.
    So I took stock, packaged each service, gave each a name and put prices on it. I consulted with some people who had received these services to determine fair prices for each.

    Now the phone is ringing much less often for those services, which feels like a win-win-win. 1. I’m still here and available to those who are ready to put some skin in the game; 2. all of that work is now more clearly defined and valued, and 3. I’m now able to dive back into the writing and the preparation for what’s next.

    I’m writing the 3rd edition of one book – with an actual editor this time! – the first edition of another, and preparing to do more online and through social media, all of which was the plan way back when.
    I left therapy work with a plan to reach a greater number of people, and outside the confines of the therapeutic mindset and approach. Now I can do that, and still be available for other projects that present themselves.

    Paul, your assessment of the site has been of great value. Seeing how we might be perceived by someone who knows little or nothing about us, and with the skillful eye and appreciation you bring – it is a gift.

    When I get ready to create the site that supports the next step, I’d love to consult with you… and to pay you for it, too.
    Being valued for what we do starts with clarifying and valuing what we do. Thanks for being one of the people who helped me get clearer about that, too.

    Joanna Free

    • Paul Montreal says:

      Thanks for the background Joanna. Get some of it on the site! :)

      I’m sticking with my original recommendation of focus. :)

      And I’ll add some tough love – “now the phone is ringing much less often for those services” is not a win in my book. You may have stopped allowing some people to spend your time, time that they didn’t really value. You may have got the needle to neutral. But now we want to get you focused and hustling on one thing that WILL have the bloody phone ringing off the hook! :)

      A win-win is focusing, becoming the obvious solution for a clearly defined problem that you feel expertly skilled in solving for people who really want it and will really benefit from it. (And for who the price seems like a bargain).

      Do you know what sells books? Endless promotion. Hustle and Grind. 😉

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