How it works

I’ll thoroughly look over your website or plans

Then, I’ll write a detailed report, showing you exactly where you can make the fastest changes, to have the biggest impact on your profits.

I’ll explain things as simply as possible

I’m allergic to jargon so there won't be any learning curve involved.

My focus is getting your customers to buy

I’ll dig deep into what people are thinking while they’re using your site. It’s not about looking pretty. It’s about tapping into their existing motivation, so it’s in their interests to hit the “Buy Now” button and put money in your pocket.

I’ll help you avoid the common mistakes that could be preventing more sales

Your pitch, your positioning, the level of trust your site is building. How well you’re communicating, especially around the problems your product can solve for your customers. It’s all in the details. But I’ll tell you exactly how to turn things around with clear action steps.

No generic theory, just tailored, to-the-point advice

I hear this over and over from clients: “I’ve read all the books and thousands of blog posts, but I didn’t really get it, until you pointed it out on my website.” Everything I tell you will be specific to your website. There’s no generic advice here. You don’t have to work out how anything applies to you and your unique situation. You’ll get the solution to your unique marketing challenges.

Honest and accurate, but non-judgemental

This kind of feedback is all about how to improve results. We are not our marketing. I'll be honest and open with you, but I'm not here to judge you or your work. I'm on your side and I'm here to help you get better results.

Time and cost

Consultations take two to three days. (Please don't wait until the last minute before contacting me, I have to schedule the time way in advance). The cost is $550 USD.

How to get started

Hit the contact button and tell me you're interested in a consultation. I'll get back to you within 24 hours and schedule in some time for you.