How does the billing work?

There shouldn't be any risk or any stress involved in us working together. When we're both happy we'll fix a start date which is secured by a 10% deposit. The remainder is payable at the end of week 8. If, at the end of the program you're not entirely happy, I won't charge you a penny and I'll return your deposit in full.

Who does the writing, you or me?

We're going to write your sales script together. First, I'll ask you a series of questions about your customers, product and company. Then I help you shape those answers into a narrative that sells. Think of me as a co-writer and an editor.

What if I'm not a great writer?

You don't need to be a great writer. Sales copy isn't about fancy writing at all. Your customers aren't looking to be entertained, they want to know how you can solve their problems. It's more about answering the right questions in the right order. Telling a story that makes your product more relevant to the bigger picture of their life.

Will my website sound salesy?

When people sound "salesy" they're usually just using too much hyperbole. Good sales copy isn't about hype, or persuasion, or manipulation. It's about understanding what already drives your customers. And showing them how your product gives them the outcome they are already motivated to achieve.

What if my product is really complicated?

If it's complex, we can simplify it. Customers often learn about complex products in stages, over time. And they don't necessarily have to know everything about your product before becoming customers. A product that can't be communicated to customers in a simple manner, simply won't sell. This process will help you simplify how you talk about a complex product.

What if my product has lots of different customers?

Trying to write for different people at the same time never works. It's confusing when you're writing and it leads to copy that doesn't appeal to anyone. The way to do it is to start with one customer in mind. For example, if your main customer is an Engineer, go through the program with his/her needs in mind. If you know the Engineer will need to persuade his CEO, (who may have an entirely different perspective) go through the relevant parts of the process again, with the CEO in mind. Create a separate page, or PDF, that the Engineer can forward to his CEO to get approval on the sale. Depending on your price level and importance of these secondary decision makers, you may want to invest serious time in getting their pitches right.

What does being a case study involve?

We agree on some way to measure the results of your new copy against the old copy (if you have an existing site). And you agree to a simple interview at the end of the process that you don't mind me publishing.

Can you take a look at my existing site / WIP / plans?

Making sense of what you've already got and giving you constructive feedback on that, takes focus and time. For complex sites or products it often helps to have an consultation first. That way I can properly look at what you've got (or are planning to do) and make sure you're heading in the right direction, whether you end up on this program or not.

How do we get started?

Fill in the application form and we can schedule a quick web chat and see if this is right for you. As this is a time intensive process for me, please get in touch as early as possible, to make sure we can get you on the program.