How it works

  • I’ll thoroughly look over your website before writing a detailed marketing critique. I'll show you exactly where you can make the fastest changes, to have the biggest impact. I’ll dig deeply into the psychology of your user and only lightly touch on aesthetics. I’ll explain things as simply as possible. No jargon, no learning curve.

Just for you

  • Everything I tell you will be specific to your work. No generic theory, just tailored, to-the-point marketing advice. I hear versions of this over and over from clients - “I’ve read all the books and thousands of blog posts, but I didn’t really get it, until you pointed it out on my website.”

Perfect if...

  • You're about to hire a website designer.
    (I highly recommend you fix your messaging first. Make it pretty later.)

    You're about to do a big press release, attend a trade show, start hiring, raising capital, or paying for traffic and you don't want to blow all those first impressions.

    Everyone tells you how great your site is beautiful, but its just not converting.

    You think you're on the right track, but you know that you're too close to be objective.


  • I don’t have any conflicting interests. I'm not an employee. I didn't create the work. I'm not friends and family. I'm not a paying customer. I don’t recommend other professionals. I don’t take any commissions. And many of the common problems I come across can be fixed quickly using the free copywriting framework I provide. What all that means is, my feedback is pretty unbiased, as far as that’s humanly possible.

Time & Cost

  • A standard website critique takes three days. The cost is only $2000 USD. (£1500 GBP. €1700 EUR.)

  • YCombinator Startup School Offer - If you're a) Ready to test my recommendations. b) Willing to provide a testimonial if you're happy with my feedback c) Don't mind me publishing the report so others can learn. Then my marketing critique will be free of charge. (I can only do 3 critiques a week, during the duration of Startup School.)


“It made us realize that even though we’re a technical product, we should be bringing out the inspirational and human element of our offering.” Natasha Baker. SnapEDA (YCombinator W16)

“It’s hard for startups to get high quality, actionable advice in this area. This advice is among the most useful we’ve had.” Benjamin Todd. 80,000 hours (YCombinator S15)

“Very useful. We are planning on re-doing the website with the feedback provided. Highly recommended.” Sunny Cha. Head of Marketing (YCombinator S14)

“Of course I would recommend it. It is important that communication is fully aligned with what you believe in, so we are happy that the makeover has allowed us to recapture our original rationale.” Erwan Le Corre. Founder Movnat. New Mexico.

“I went from one in ten viewers becoming a backer to one in four. I was able to measure results by comparing the campaign views with the actual backers of the crowd fund campaign after each revision. I can’t stress enough how it has changed my thinking.” John Pollock, Inventor, Innovation Play, UK.

“With Paul’s suggestions, I was able to incorporate changes that helped us reach 235% of our original funding goal. Paul’s advice is candid but constructive and he helps you to see the holes where you might not.” Christine Buijs, Film maker, Toronto.